How much is my home worth?

If you're interested in selling your home and want an idea of its worth you can visit a site like Zillow to get a very general idea. However, if you're selling your home and your goal is to minimize the length of time on market and maximize your profits, Kirsten can help you achieve your objective.

Kirsten's years of experience living and working in the area give her a deeper understanding of value and a history of the market.

When choosing your price she considers:

  • Upgrades of your home - Kirsten will adjust your price based upon the upgrades you have given your home.

  • Condition of your home - Is your home the best on the block or is it more middle of the road? If your home is on the lower end, Kirsten can provide ideas to increase your home's curb appeal, which could make the difference in enticing potential Buyers into your door.

  • Why other homes sold for their sale price - Was it a foreclosure, divorce, bidding war? Major life changes can severely affect a home's closing price so if a home has sold much lower than it would in a normal sale this needs to be taken into consideration.

  • What's happening in the market - Keeping active in the community of Real Estate Brokers makes Kirsten keenly aware of any fluctuations in the market giving you the edge on your competition.

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